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Our Mission

A new face in fashion and technology

All my life I wanted to express myself and how everyone that I had what it takes to become a self motivated black woman. Blended society was founded in 2015 and had one goal to make the world a better place to stop hate and promote love. I wanted to share my love of clothes and fashion with the world. And that's when B+S became a reality. It does not matter what color face or creed you are you still can look good as a independent woman.

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Our Team

Making a difference in fashion

Holly Ann jones
Chris Jones
Dominic Franklin
Customer Relations/Product Specialist

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About Us

over 20 years in Technology and fashion.
New and exiting Startup

We are a new and fresh startup working on new fashion ideas and technology and mixing together what we should have been mixing years ago.Fashion has been my passion and bringing my passion to your homes allows me to continue to achieve my life's goals.

Technology 100%
100% Complete
Fashion 70%
70% Complete
Inovation 90%
90% Complete
Research 90%
90% Complete

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Why Choose Us


We have over 20 years of fashion and technology background combined.

Not the same old same old

We are not trying to be like every other fashion company we plan to revolutionize the way we wear clothes and interact with them.

our Cause

We are passionate about what we do and what we as a company can do to help the world.


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